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English Curse.

Got my SLR back from Canon yesterday, so I thought that i’d take it to the beach and do a shoot with Micah Lester who trains some of the local groms how to improve their surfing, despite the weather, lighting and surf being far from perfect I was still keen to get some shots. Got on to the beach and the same error code that was supposedly fixed came up. Not happy. Sort it out Canon.

Sorry about the rant, if I get a camera which actually works i’m sure there will be some more images up soon.


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Random edits.

Instead of revising for my geography A2 exam which is tomorrow, I spent some time randomly editing some photos, thought they looked quite cool so I thought i’d put them up. If they’re crap just tell me, I have to learn somehow! Haha.

I’m not so sure about this last one, didn’t come out looking as good as I hoped it would…


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Spot M.

By far my favourite place to shoot. So many opportunities to get really interesting angles and compositions, shame it only breaks rarely. Here are some of my favourite shots from last Wednesday.


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No one gets remembered, for the things they didn’t do.

Looks like i’m not going to get remembered for this blog. This is the first update in too long. So what’s happened… I’ve turned 18, passed my driving test and got a shot published in Carve. I’d say that’s a pretty decent round up of what’s been going on.

I have a few shots which I can put up. Enjoy!


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New Glass?

My current lens is getting pretty restricting…anyone fancy buying me a shiny new L-Series telephoto? (It’s worth a try)

On an unrelated note, just downloaded WordPress for Nokia but it’s not working arggggggggggggg!


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