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Random edits.

Instead of revising for my geography A2 exam which is tomorrow, I spent some time randomly editing some photos, thought they looked quite cool so I thought i’d put them up. If they’re crap just tell me, I have to learn somehow! Haha.

I’m not so sure about this last one, didn’t come out looking as good as I hoped it would…


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Spot M.

By far my favourite place to shoot. So many opportunities to get really interesting angles and compositions, shame it only breaks rarely. Here are some of my favourite shots from last Wednesday.


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Weekend Surfs.

It’s sooo cold! Sitting/Standing for three hours in the wind is bordering on painful. Yeah, i probably need to man up. Got a few cool shots of JP Team Riders Jordan Dean and Ben Bennett though, and they seem pretty stoked with them, so I’d say it was worth it.


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Yayyy, Music!

Ruarri Joseph at Princess Pavilions in Falmouth. Real nice gig with a brilliant laid back atmosphere which was felt throughout the evening. If you ever have a chance to see Ruarri play live I strongly recommend that you do.


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I went up to the flowrider last week and it was sickkk, so i decided to go back and shoot the competition that was being held there. Here are a few of the better ones.


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