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I’ve been home a few times whilst on my course at UCF and so I have grasped those opportunities to expand my portfolio of surfing images with my good friend Ben Bennett. This image bellow was taken at Harlyn Bay from the cliff, I have used this angle many times before but have always struggled to get the house in the background. As soon as I had shot this sequence, I knew it was going to be a good one, only did a slight bit of tweaking in Camera RAW.

And another shot of Ben, this time at a slightly more secret location. At this time of year the sun never gets too high in the sky so the light throughout the majority of the day can make for some good images. I have noticed more and more people now shooting from a similar angle as me at this spot recently, I get the feeling i’m going to have to mix things up a bit to keep my images fresh for the mags.


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Been at Falmouth now for about a month. Loving it, in short. Whilst it isn’t actually far from where I live it is still extremely different to what I am used too back home and in Constantine.

Just a few shots of what has been going on.


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I got my camera back today!
And i’m going to buy a 35mm SLR.

Stay tuned for some shots soon!


Cameras. Lots of Hassle.

Heard from the camera repair people today, apparently there is a serious fault with my camera. Makes me wonder why they couldn’t see that the first time they had it. Going to get it back by the end of next week. Everything takes so long. I wonder if I would have the same problem if I had a 7D?


English Curse.

Got my SLR back from Canon yesterday, so I thought that i’d take it to the beach and do a shoot with Micah Lester who trains some of the local groms how to improve their surfing, despite the weather, lighting and surf being far from perfect I was still keen to get some shots. Got on to the beach and the same error code that was supposedly fixed came up. Not happy. Sort it out Canon.

Sorry about the rant, if I get a camera which actually works i’m sure there will be some more images up soon.


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