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RAW Format.

In light of my recent feature in Wavelength it has been recommended that i start shooting in the RAW format, the time that it takes to process all of the images from a shoot is quite a lot higher, however I feel that the quality is far better and it offers farrr more flexibility in refining the final shots. Here are a couple of Ben Bennett and Toby Donachie!



First Published Shot!

I managed to get my first image published in wavelength recently, and to say i was stoked would be an understatement! It may have only been a small pic on the top of the fourcorners page but i was so happy to get to that stage. I’d wanted to get a shot in a surfing magazine ever since i started photographing surfing (about four years ago now!) so to finally get there feels like such an achievement!

This is the shot which it is all about for me!



I went up to the flowrider last week and it was sickkk, so i decided to go back and shoot the competition that was being held there. Here are a few of the better ones.


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