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Many, Many Photos.

Haven’t updated this in ages so here’s a few examples of what I’ve been up too. (I use the term “few” very loosely). ENJOI!

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Yayyy, Music!

Ruarri Joseph at Princess Pavilions in Falmouth. Real nice gig with a brilliant laid back atmosphere which was felt throughout the evening. If you ever have a chance to see Ruarri play live I strongly recommend that you do.


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I’m Pretty Tired…

Yeah, i’m pretty tired. i’ve done so much work in the past three days and the worrying thing is i still have so much more to do :/

But I want to go and see Frank Turner again.

“So honey when you’re lonely on the road, you’re all on your own
Hanging outside at the back of the country show
Picture me there with hat down low
A smile upon my face to let you know
That I would like to take you home
That I would like to take you home, to the hills that I know
I would like to take you home, to the places I go
I would like to take you home”


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