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Surfing Windmills?

…Well, not quite.

JP Surfboards team riders Jordan Dean and Ben Bennett making the most of the swell… And now for some wind turbines.

They might be relevant somehow.

Something which isn’t relevant however is the fact that I am going to see Frank Turner in April, and Rise Against’s new album is on Spotify right now! Good times!


Stuff from around.

Well hopefully there will be some decent surf on the weekend so I can get some recent surfing shots up here, but in the mean time have a ganders at some random stuff. Hopefully the laaaavly weather will stay.


Many, Many Photos.

Haven’t updated this in ages so here’s a few examples of what I’ve been up too. (I use the term “few” very loosely). ENJOI!

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Lomography Fisheyeee

My first true fisheye images, i think they turned out pretty well too.  Got a few of just randomly skating but most of them were from partying it up at the golf club in Constantine in the summer! Good times!


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New Glass?

My current lens is getting pretty restricting…anyone fancy buying me a shiny new L-Series telephoto? (It’s worth a try)

On an unrelated note, just downloaded WordPress for Nokia but it’s not working arggggggggggggg!


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